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Red Bull doesn't gives wings anymore...

From January 1st 2020, Luca Bertossio is not a Red Bull Athlete so far after 5 years with RB Italy. This is a sad news for Aviation in general in terms of visibility and promotion to Gliding Aerobatic in general as for LB himself, indeed, due to this decision we are deeply unhappy to announce he'll not be able to compete in 2020 World Glider Aerobatic Championship to rapresent his Contry and fight to bring some Golds as he was always able to made when conditions were acceptable. Bertossio wish to thank RB for the support to his career of these last years; we'd rather prefer to not release any other comment about this matter. Nowdays LB is studying at #ProfessioneVolare to gain his ATPL (A) Frozen as well his CPL-IR MEP expecting to achieve these goals within 6 months in order to guarantee to himself and to his family, friends and fans an even greater future in the Aviation and Airshow Industry which won't be the core business anymore but will always be one of LB's priority. 2020 represents the "10th Anniversary" of Luca Bertossio Gliding Aerobatics and we all wish to thank you all for the great support trough all these great years together as there's no other such young and awarded pilot able to score this amazing result and we truly and again thank you for the whole support.

We wait for you all to fly with Luca at #flyozzano , you can book your experience here to share the magic of the Sky like you never seen before

Best has yet to come...


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