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LB got Vice-World Champion 2021 with 2 Golds and 1 Silver FAI Medals

Leszno, Poland - July/August 2021

After a short timing training and just completed his ATPL(A) Theory and CPL/IR in June, Luca Bertossio manage to won his 8th and 9th FAI Gold Medals and his 9th Silver Medal too becoming the first Italian Pilot in the Aerobatic history to score such results and the youngest ever.

LB becomes the Vice-World Unlimited Champion in Glider Aerobatic in 2021 with a gap of about 44 points out of 6884 totals. "Congratulation to Ferenc Toth (Hungary) to win the title, It's such a shame I won 3 out of 4 programs and just for a single mistake I gave the title to Fery but this is competition, if you don't play you can't win or loose... my motivation was huge thanks also to the support of my investors RZ and GV and from GeMan Every Drinks and all my other sponsors, friends, fans and followers!

Now my career's path will bring me to fly airliners but I can't wait to be stable and back into competitions!" there is so much more to achieve and I've never felt better than 2021 in a Glider!

Luca said at the end of the World Glider Aerobatic Championship in Leszno - Poland.

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