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CloudDancers OFFICIAL Partner 2018

We are proud to announce that CloudDancers Covers will be our official technical supplier to protect our Glider SWIFT S1 and MDM Fox with the ultimate isolating technology.

HERE is about Cloud Dancers Covers: Since 2006 we offer under the name Clouddancers high-quality all-weather covers, cotton cloth hall covers and hood for gliders, powered gliders, powered aircraft and microlights.

Our goal is to protect your aircraft functional and durable. Particular attention will therefore put on waterproofing and breathability, while a reliable protection against UV radiation.

In addition to the standard all-weather cover and our hall covers made ​​of cotton, we also offer special covers for extreme climatic conditions, including our premium product “Uncutable” TM on, and a version with optional surge protection.

As there are of course also features solar panels and windows printed on the plate competition rudder.

For most aircraft, we have patterns. If you do not find your type of aircraft do not need or other special solution so please talk slowly! Our goal is customer satisfaction!


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